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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Culture and Commitment

Diversity, Equity , and Inclusion

The FBI values and leverages differences, opinions, and perspectives to build a workforce that reflects the communities that we work to serve and protect.


  • Dedicated Office of Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Diversity recruitment events hosted year-round
  • Employee advocacy and resource groups available to join
A group of diverse people looking at the camera while sitting in the FBI Courtyard

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace that integrates equity across the entire organization. Our greatest asset is our people and they are imperative to ensuring the FBI can build trust, uphold the Constitution, and serve all communities.

Director of FBI shaking the hand of an FBI employee while handing them a certificate

"The diversity and inclusion of our workforce is something I care deeply about...because the success of our efforts impacts our operations, our culture, and our future."

FBI Director Christopher Wray

Three special agents, 2 females and 1 male, standing outside and talking to one another

Our Initiatives

Diversity Agent Recruitment (DAR)

Diversity Agent Recruitment (DAR) events are information sessions hosted in cities across the country to encourage minority and female professionals to apply to become a special agent with the FBI.

During a DAR event, you interact directly with FBI personnel and learn first-hand about being a special agent.

Upcoming DAR Events

No Events Scheduled

There are currently no DAR events scheduled, but sign up for job alerts to be notified when new events become available!

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Panel of 4 individuals, 2 males and 2 females, with microphones in hand

Beacon Project

The Beacon Project is a national community engagement initiative that has created partnerships of mutual interest with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to build trust and facilitate engagement.

The Beacon Project works to significantly enhance the FBI relationship with HBCUs and promote pathways into the FBI through entry-level positions, the Collegiate Hiring Initiative, and the Honors Internship Program.

Some of the ways FBI field offices have engaged with HBCUs include hosting Collegiate Academies to give students a behind-the-scenes look at FBI operations, offering exclusive case presentations in classrooms, and staffing career fair booths. As well, the FBI’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted the HBCU Campus Tour, visiting 11 HBCUs in Fall 2022 and 10 HBCUs in 2023.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion's 10th anniversary banner,

Our Culture

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)

In 2013, the FBI was one of the first federal agencies—if not the first—to separate its diversity and inclusion function from its equal employment function to establish the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI). Linked together, diversity and inclusion drive innovation and enable us to attract and retain our workforce. ​It is essential to the success of our mission that we foster an organizational culture where you feel comfortable speaking up, contributing your perspective, and being yourself at work.

Once accepted into the FBI, you can get involved by joining a Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) or Employee Resource Group (ERG), serving as a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, and participating in the Cross-Cultural Mentoring and Sponsorship Program.

Diversity Advisory Committees (DAC)

DACs serve as formal champions of issues, solutions, and topics that affect underrepresented communities within our workforce. The committees work to improve employee experiences, encourage engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion matters, and promote cultural awareness activities. Our DACs have made impactful changes within our workplace such as spearheading the addition of reflection and meditation spaces across the FBI, leading the establishment of lactation rooms and supplies for nursing mothers, as well as proposing changes to our leadership selection process to promote equity, to name a few.

Once you are an FBI employee, you can apply to be on the leadership team of a DAC, volunteer to be on a sub-committee, or join a DAC distribution list to learn about and participate in DAC programs, initiatives, or events.

  • American Indian and Alaska Native Advisory Committee (AIANAC)

  • Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee (APAAC)

  • Black Affairs Diversity Committee (BADC)

  • Bureau Equality (BE)

  • Hispanic Advisory Board (HAB)

  • Near and Middle East Advisory Committee (NMEAC)

  • Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee (PDAC)

  • Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee (VAAC)

  • Women’s Advisory Committee (WAC)

Two pins attached to the lapel of a blazer represent the FBI and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

ERGs are informal, employee-led groups that connect employees with shared interests to network and support one another. These groups bring awareness to barriers and issues impacting their members​ and advocate for solutions.

Once you are an FBI employee, you can join an ERG and participate in networking events, development opportunities, and volunteer-led projects and programs.

  • Blacks in Government (BIG)

  • FBI African American Millennials (FAAM)

  • FBI Family

  • FBI Jewish Americans

  • FBI Latinos for Empowerment Advancement and Development (LEAD)

  • FBI Pride

  • Federal Asian Pacific American Counsel

  • Federally Employed Women (FEW)

  • From Boots to Suits

  • Toastmasters Club

Male holding a paper mache cut-out of people holding hands

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators serve as extensions of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion within their local office.​ Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators host special events, guest speakers, and recruitment initiatives within their division in coordination with FBI-wide diversity and inclusion programming.

Once you are an FBI employee, you can volunteer to be a part-time coordinator to assist your local office in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Male FBI employee speaking to female employee outside

Cross Cultural Mentoring and Sponsorship (CCMS)

The Cross-Cultural Mentoring and Sponsorship program provides 1:1 paired mentoring between a mentor and mentee of a different gender, ethnicity, or race to enhance networking and increase FBI leadership diversity. The program provides mentoring workshops and job shadowing opportunities, as well as countless professional development resources. Employees can apply to join during the annual open season. 

FBI employees fingerspell FBI

Persons with Disabilities

We celebrate the unique skills, problem-solving ability, and creativity of the persons with disabilities  who work in nearly every role at the FBI. Read more about why persons with disabilities make invaluable assets to the FBI’s mission on our persons with disabilities page.

Persons with Disabilities

Katrice Supervisory Special Agent

“It’s a fascinating career that truly brings different challenges daily, but every one of them allows you to advance toward the mission of protecting our nation and the democracy we all hold dear.”

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Katrice

Read Katrice's Story


Our Demographics

The FBI prioritizes meeting diversity goals and being transparent with where we’re at. There is still work to be done but we are constantly making progress to ensure the FBI is a place where people from every background, culture, and perspective can belong and succeed.​

Current Workforce

Data as of May 2023


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People with Disabilities



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